Celebrating Stories of Success and Transformation

Celebrating Stories of Success and Transformation

What our clients say

Molina’s partnership with FarmboxRx ensures our members can access nutritious foods that help them live a healthier life,

and avoid diet-based health challenges impacting far too many New Mexicans. We are proud of our work addressing the health disparities existing throughout New Mexico and are pleased to expand this program and reach even more of our members.”

David Nater

Plan President, Molina Healthcare of New Mexico

At Unite for HER we have many partners, and for us to work with FarmboxRx and have the same values

and the same ultimate goal makes it easy. It allows us to really connect with our patients in an authentic way that’s easy and accessible and delivered right to their home.

Sue Weldon

Founder & CEO, Unite for HER

We’re proud to be the first health plan in Minnesota to offer the FarmboxRx fresh produce delivery and nutrition education program as a benefit to our members.

Many seniors are facing challenges to food access like never before, especially among our MSHO membership. These fresh produce boxes will help improve members’ access to reliable, nutritious foods that make a big difference to their overall health and quality of life.”

Jim Eppel

Executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer, HealthPartners

We know that many members have a variety of healthcare needs and being able to support them with fresh produce both to help address food insecurity

as well as just make it really easy to get healthy food delivered right to their homes has been a real benefit. Ultimately, we wanted to make something easy for our members to get that they wouldn’t have to jump through a number of hoops to get their benefit and make it widely available as possible.”

Emi Bennettvo

Manager, State Public Programs, HealthPartners

We selected FarmboxRx as a program that will help us to engage our members in their health and outcomes.

We used an innovative approach in partnering with FarmboxRx because they’re an easy way to get members involved to reward them for their involvement in their health. FarmboxRx helped us to achieve the goal of getting connected to members. Members that participated with FarmboxRx had improvement up to 20-30% improvement overall in comparison to non-participating members.”

Galina Priloutskaya

Director of Quality Improvement and Risk Assessment, Molina Healthcare of New Mexico

Unlock the Benefits of a FarmboxRx Partnership

When you partner with FarmboxRx, we help you deliver your messages and cultivate connection with your members. Building trust, inspiring self-efficacy, and promoting action while creating lasting behavioral changes among your members.

Success Stories

Real Members, Real Results

These videos from healthcare plan members highlight the remarkable changes real people experience thanks to FarmboxRx’s customized food as engagement programs.

From improved health, increased self-value, to better health outcomes, each story highlights the tangible, life-changing benefits that come from nourishing the body, mind, and soul. Join us in celebrating these incredible journeys of success.