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The Solutions We Offer:

Frozen Meals: For the safety of our patients allowing our patients to keep meals fresh longer.

More Than 60 Choices: Of our finest, dietician curated farm to table meals

Meals Around Diet Related Issues: Diabetes, Vegetarian, Low Sodium and Heart Healthy

We delivery all meals directly to your home in all 50 states. 

If you need nutrition assistance, assistance setting up service, or continuing our service please call lXXXXXXXXXX 

Our customer service team has extensive knowledge in patient needs, and quickly on boarding patients to insure meals get to the patient in the fastest time possible. 

* No minimum patient number required

*On going support with clients to ensure patients needs have been met.

Free Nationwide Shipping: 

*We deliver to urban and rural areas via FedEx. Our boxes are designed to withstand the toughest transit, while keeping the. patients meals fresh. 

* Saturday and Sunday delivery in some markets. We have immediate set up to insure meals get to patients right away so no lapse in nutrition. 

* Rural and remote access is what we do best! 

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